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Cougar Headline Archives 2013-2014

Awards 2016



2016 Athletic Awards


Most Outstanding Male Athlete – Ethan Bridges

Most Outstanding Female Athlete –Gina Ryan

Best All Around Male Athlete –Sam Nay

Best All Around Female Athlete – Katy Ryan

Amerochem Scholarship - Gina Ryan and Jacob Morton


State Champions 

Girl's Golf Team

Indoor 4X800 M Relay (Lydia Best, Tori Riggs, Kaleigh Hanson, Marissa Yarbrough)

Fall All-Conference


Girl's Tennis - Claire LeBlanc, Mary Claire Bass, Caitlyn Daas


Football - Logan Bird, Donray Brown, Tyler Robinson, Sam Nay, Stevie Sharpe, Dylan Cooper, Jason Seelye, Ethan Bridges, Duncan Nelson


Volleyball - Karlee Thomas, Gina Ryan, Katy Ryan, Alyssa Mickle


Boy's Soccer - JT Dupree, Logan Edwards, John Guarino


Girl's Cross Country - Lydia Best, Marisa Yarborough, Madi Thompson, Madison Peele, Catherine Holloway, Francis Swiber, Shelby Cobb


Boy's Cross Country - Jamie Rodriguez, Devin Barnes, Brendon Hodge, Seth Ellis, Lucas Bolding

Fall Awards


Girl’s Golf -                Most Valuable (Savannah Vasquez)

                                    Most Valuable (Darby Creech)

                                    Most Valuable (Angela Morando)

                                    Most Improved (Hannah Hayes)

                                    Scholar Athlete (Angela Morando)


Football –       Most Outstanding (Sam Nay)

                        Best All-Around (Ethan Bridges and Duncan Nelson)

                        Spirit of the Cougar (Donray Brown) 

                        Most Improved (Dylan Cooper)

                        JV Most Outstanding Offensive Player (Nick Harrell)

                        JV Most Outstanding Defensive Player (Paulie DeMercurio)

                        Scholar Athlete (Dane Nicolajsen)

                        JV Scholar Athlete (Charles Tulevech/Declan Miller)


Boy’s Soccer –          Most Valuable Player: (JT Dupree)

                                    Best All Around: (Logan Edwards)

                          Most Improved: (Connor Wray)

                          Spirit of the Cougar: (Ben Simonette)

                                    JV Most Outstanding:  (Brendon Hodge)

                                    JV Most Improved (Ben Derosia)

                                    Scholar Athlete (Shane Hooley)

                                    JV Scholar Athlete (Matt Duggan)


Volleyball -     Most Outstanding (Karlee Thomas)

                        Best All Around (Katy Ryan)

                        Most Improved (Polly Watts)

                        Spirit of the Cougar (Gina Ryan)

                        JV Most Outstanding (Delaney Padgett)

                        JV Most Improved (Hunter Straub)

                        Scholar Athlete (Gina Ryan)

                        JV Scholar Athlete (Sara Huber/Delaney Padgett)


Girl’s Tennis -            Most Outstanding – (Claire LeBlanc)

                                    Best All Around – (Anna Desmone)

                                    Spirit of the Cougar – (Mary Claire Bass)

                                    Most Improved – (Jenna D’Amico)

                                    Scholar Athlete (Anna Desmone)


Boy’s Cross Country –         Most Valuable Runner (Jamie Rodriguez)

                                                Best All Around (Devin Barnes)       

                                                Most Improved (Jacob Morton)

                                                Spirit of the Cougar (Lucas Bolding)

                                                Scholar Athlete (Wyatt Fails)


Girl’s Cross Country –         Most Valuable Runner (Lydia Best)

                                                Best All Around (Marissa Yarbrough)

                                                Most Improved (Frances Swiber)

                                                Spirit of the Cougar (Catherine Holloway)

                                                Scholar Athlete (Frances Swiber)


Cheerleading -           Most Outstanding (Amber Fitz)

                                    Best All-Around:  (Katie Hopewell)

                                    Spirit of the Cougar: (Cadyn Davis)

                                    Most Improved (Brianna Craig)

                                    JV Spirit of the Cougar (Madison Carpenter)

                                    JV Most Improved: (Jasmine Reyes-Cupil)

                                    Scholar Athlete (Cadyn Davis)

                                    JV Scholar Athlete (Shelby Walters)

Winter All-Conference


Boy's Basketball - Fred Lewis


Girl's Basketball - Gina Ryan, Katy Ryan, Andrea Raynor, Danielle Brisson


Girl's Indoor Track - Lydia Best, Tori Riggs, Kaleigh Hanson, Danielle Brisson, Madison Peele, Jaime Logan, Marissa Yarbrough, Katy Ryan, Gina Ryan


Boy's Indoor Track - Joseph Bulfer, Michael Quispe, Tyler Robinson, Scott Hagerty, Jacob Morton


Wrestling - Clay Sanders, Noel Rodriguez, Ethan Bridges, Stevie Sharpe

Winter Awards


Boy’s Basketball –     Most Outstanding Player (Fred Lewis)

                                    Most Valuable Player (Alex Pritchett)

                                    Spirit of the Cougar (Joe Vallone)

                                    Most Improved (Nick Antonelli)

                                    JV Most Valuable (Lewis Reddick)

                                    JV Best All Around (Brendon Hodge)

                                    Scholar Athlete (Nick Antonelli)

                                    JV Scholar Athlete (Wyatt Fails)


Girl’ Basketball -       Most Outstanding (Katy Ryan and Danielle Brisson)

                                    Best All Around (Gina Ryan)

                                    Spirit of the Cougar (Alex Stephens)

                                    Most Improved (Andrea Raynor)

                                    JV Most Outstanding (Mallory Carpenter)

                                    JV Best All Around (Ashley Crane)

                                    Scholar Athlete (Gina Ryan)

                                    JV Scholar Athlete (Delaney Padgett/Molly Walsh)


Wrestling -     Most Outstanding Wrestler (Ethan Bridges)

                        Best All-Around (Ryan Perry)

                        Most Improved (Charles Corbell)

                        Spirit of the Cougar (Donray Brown)

                        Scholar Athlete (Ryan Perry)


Boy’ Swimming -       Most Valuable (James Reindl)

                                    Best All Around (Shane Hooley)

                                    Spirit of the Cougar (Tripp Chesnutt)

                                    Most Improved (Matt Epperly)

                                    Scholar Athlete (Shane Hooley)


Girl’s Swimming -     Most Outstanding (Lyndsey Reeve)

                                    Best All Around (Anne Reindl)

                                    Spirit of the Cougar (Coley Howard)

                                    Most Improved (Emma Meno)

                                    Scholar Athlete (Emma Meno)


Boy’s Indoor Track –           Most Valuable (Jacob Morton)

                                               Best All Around (Michael Quispe)

                                               Spirit of the Cougar (Tyler Robinson)

                                               Most Improved (Robert Brenneman)

                                               Scholar Athlete (Jacob Rush)


Girl’s Indoor Track -            Most Valuable (Tori Riggs)

                                               Most Outstanding (Kaleigh Hanson)

                                               Spirit of the Cougar (Lydia Best)

                                               Most Improved (Jaime Logan)

                                               Scholar Athlete (Gina Ryan)

Spring All-Conference


Girl's Soccer - Dana Canby, Gina Ryan, Katy Ryan, Savannah Vasquez


Baseball - Fred Stewart, Sam Nay, Hunter Taylor, Bailey Van Nosdall, Ian Ramirez


Softball - Caitlyn Daas


Golf - Nick Owens, Andy Reyes, Manny Edmonds


Boy's Tennis - Ricky Farrington, Mitchell Wright, Ben Simonette, John Guarino


Boy's Track - Michael Quispe, Tyler Robinson, Jacob Morten, Lucas Bolding, 


Girl's Track - Marissa Yarbrough, Lydia Best, Kaleigh Hanson, Courtney Drumm, Madison Peele, Ki-Ki Klaumann, Emily Altman


Lacrosse - Nathan Bradley

Spring Awards


Softball -         Most Outstanding:  (Caitlyn Daas)

                        Best All-Around:  (Summer Lang)

                        Spirit of the Cougar:  (Caitlin Shumate)

                        Most Improved (McKenzie Miller)

                        Scholar Athlete (Madison Hodrick)


Girl’s Soccer -           Most Valuable Player (Gina Ryan)

                                    Best All Around (Dana Canby)

                                    Spirit of the Cougar (Katy Ryan)

                                    Most Improved (Delaney Padgett)

                                    JV Most Outstanding - Jordon Matthews

                          JV Most Improved - Alexis Cape

                                    Scholar Athlete (Gina Ryan)

                                    JV Scholar Athlete (Samara Rahman)



Boy’s Tennis -            Most Outstanding (Mitchell Wright)

                                    Best All Around (John Guarino)

                                    Spirit of the Cougar (Ricky Farrington)

                                    Most Improved – (Graham Guthrie)

                                    Scholar Athlete (James Philips)


Golf -  Most Valuable Player (Nick Owens)

            Best All Around (Manny Edmonds)

            Spirit of the Cougar (Andy Reyes)

            Most Improved (Brady Stafford)

            Scholar Athlete (Nick Owens)


Girl’s Track -  Most Outstanding (Kaleigh Hanson)

                        Most Valuable (Ki-Ki Klaumann)

                        Spirit of the Cougar (Lydia Best)

                        Most Improved (Marissa Yarbrough)

                        Scholar Athlete (Molly Walsh)


Boy’s Track – Most Outstanding (Tyler Robinson)

                        Most Valuable (Devin Barnes)

                        Spirit of the Cougar (Jacob Morton)

                        Spirit of the Cougar (Michael Quispe)

                        Scholar Athlete (Jamie Rodriguez)


Baseball –      Most Valuable Player (Fred Stewart)

                        Best All Around Player (Ian Ramirez)

                        Spirit of the Cougar (Bailey Van Nosdall)

                        Most Improved (Hunter Taylor)

                        JV Most Valuable Player (Paulie DeMercurio)

                        JV Spirit of the Cougar (Ryan Messer)

                        JV Scholar Athlete (Jacob Rush)

                        Scholar Athlete (Matt Elardo)


Lacrosse -      Most Outstanding (Nathan Bradley)

                        Best All Around (Jason Seelye)

                        Spirit of the Cougar (Ryan Hunt)

                        Most Improved (Andy Benson)

                        Scholar Athlete (Matt Duggan)