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Croatan High School Media Center
Cougar Headline Archives 2013-2014

Awards 2013

2012-13 Athletic Awards

Overall Awards

Most Outstanding Male Athlete – Alex Bray

Most Outstanding Female Athlete –Savannah Pugh/Samantha Layko

Best All Around Male Athlete –Kyle Colborn/Johnathan Rigsby

Best All Around Female Athlete – Kalen Perry

Scholar Athlete Award – Rebekah Best/Nick Pugh


Fall Sports Awards


Most Outstanding (Kyle Colborn)

Best All-Around (Mitchell Smith)

Most Improved (Billy Ryan)

Spirit of the Cougar (Johnathan Rigsby)

JV Most Outstanding (Justin Locklear)

JV Most Improved (Isaac Edgren)

Scholar Athlete (Eric Ellmo)

JV Scholar Athlete (Fred Stewart)

All Conference (Dillon Bannigan, Kyle Colborn, Mitchell Smith, Johnathan Rigsby, Billy Ryan)

ECC Defensive Player of the Year (Kyle Colborn)



Girl’s Golf                 

Most Outstanding Mary Leonard)

Best All-Around (LeAnn Domitrovits)

Most Improved (Mackenzie McMahan)

Spirit of the Cougar (Corrine LeBlanc)

Scholar Athlete (Abigail Van Pelt)

All Conference (LeAnn Domitrovits, Mary Leonard, Savannah Vasquez, Mary Hogan)


Boy’s Soccer            

Most Outstanding: (Garrett Bridgewater)

Best All Around: (JT Dupree)

Most Improved: (Gunner Tolston)

Spirit of the Cougar: (Joe Gould)

JV Most Valuable:  (Nathan Marks)

JV Most Improved (Cole Dozier)

Scholar Athlete (Jonathan Lang)

JV Scholar Athlete (Michael Garner-McGraw)

All Conference (Garrett Bridgewater, Gunnar Tolston)



Most Outstanding (Kalen Perry)

Best All Around (Karly Stevens)

Most Improved (Morgan Willis)

Spirit of the Cougar (Aspen Allen)

JV Most Outstanding (Regina Ryan)

JV Best All Around (Lauren Butta)

Scholar Athlete (Samantha Tracy)

JV Scholar Athlete (Haley Moccia)

All Conference (Kalen Perry, Karley Stevens)


Girl’s Tennis

Most Outstanding – (Miranda Ameen)

Best All Around – (Brittany Russ)

Spirit of the Cougar – (Maddie Pake)

Most Improved – (Carlie Adams)

Scholar Athlete (Miranda Ameen)

All Conference (Brittany Russ, Miranda Ameen)


Boy’s Cross Country          

Most Outstanding Runner(Nick Pugh)

Best All Around (Hamilton Barnhill)

Most Improved (David Martin)

Spirit of the Cougar (Sam O’Connor)

Scholar Athlete (Jackson Winchester)

All Conference (Nick Pugh)


Girl’s Cross Country           

Most Outstanding Runner(Savannah Pugh)

Best All Around (Mary Stegall)

Most Improved (Macy Brinson)

Spirit of the Cougar (Rebekah Best)

Scholar Athlete (Rebekah Best)

All Conference (Savannah Pugh, Mary Stegall, Macy Brinson)




Most Outstanding (Kelsey Henry)

Best All-Around:  (Courtney Stewart)

Spirit of the Cougar:  (Molly Ellmo)

Most Improved (Helena Cortez)

JV Most Improved (Morgan King)

JV Most Outstanding: (Hailey Humphrey)

Scholar Athlete (Courtney Stewart)

JV Scholar Athlete (Sarah Andrews)

Winter Sport's Awards

Boy’s Basketball      

Most Outstanding Player (Austin Saunders)

Best All-Around (JacQues Chambers)

Spirit of the Cougar (Kyle Cranmer)

Most Improved (Mitchell Smith)

JV Most Outstanding (Beau Bryan)

JV Best All Around (Jon Ferry)

Scholar Athlete (Nick Touchton)

JV Scholar Athlete (Feyisayo Eweje/Feyisope Eweje)

All Conference (JacQues Chambers, Austin Saunders)


Girl’ Basketball        

Most Outstanding (Kalen Perry)

Best All Around (Joy Taylor)

Spirit of the Cougar (Kaysey Raper)

Most Improved (Sammy Jo Layko)

JV Most Outstanding (Regina Ryan)

JV Most Outstanding (Kathryn Ryan)

Scholar Athlete (Kimberly Fitzgerald)

JV Scholar Athlete (Regina Ryan/Kathryn Ryan)

All Conference (Kalen Perry, Joy Taylor)



Most Outstanding Wrestler (Alex Bray)

Best All-Around (Kyle Colborn)

Most Improved (Brody McGrath)

Spirit of the Cougar (Greyson Millis)

JV Most Outstanding (Dustyn Taylor)

JV Most Outstanding (Drew Guthrie)

Scholar Athlete (Davis Blivin)

JV Scholar Athlete (Ben Simonette)

All Conference (Greyson Millis, 

Alex Bray, Austin Meaney, Brody

McGrath, Nate Fallon, Andrew Colborn,

Kyle Colborn, Jonathan Rigsby)


Boy’ Swimming        

Most Outstanding (Jacob Dooley)

Best All Around (Shane Hooley)

Spirit of the Cougar (Jonathan Lang)

Most Improved (Kyle Venters)

Scholar Athlete (Jonathan Lang)

All Conference (200 IM – Jacob Dooley 

50 Freestyle – Tyler Barnum 

100 Butterfly – Jacob Dooley

100 Backstroke – David Lewandowski 

100 Breaststroke – Jonathan Lang

200 Medley Relay – David Lewandowski, Jonathan Lang, Jacob Dooley, and Tyler Barnum 

400 Freestyle Relay – Tyler Barnum, Ryan Staebler, David Lewandowski, and Jacob Dooley 

200 Freestyle Relay – Jonathan Lang, Shane Hooley, Ryan Staebler, and Kyle Venters



Girl’s Swimming      

Most Outstanding (Jensynne East)

Best All Around (LeAnn Domitrovits)

Spirit of the Cougar (Samantha Tracy)

Most Improved (Coley Howard)

Scholar Athlete (Samantha Tracy)

Spring Sport's Awards


Most Outstanding:  (Rebecca Rowland)

Best All-Around:  ( Callie Cleckner)

Spirit of the Cougar:  (Kristen Kaffenbarger)

Most Improved (Kaysey Raper)

Scholar Athlete (Callie Cleckner)

All Conference (Rebecca Rowland)


Girl’s Soccer            

Most Outstanding (Aspen Allen)

Best All Around: (Regina Ryan)

Spirit of the Cougar (Kalen Perry)

Most Improved (Claire Page)

JV Most Outstanding Player (Kathryne Ryan)

JV Most Improved (Devin Norton)

Scholar Athlete (Samantha Tracy)

JV Scholar Athlete (Ruth Alexander)

All Conference (Aspen Allen, Madison Pitambersing, Regina Ryan) 


Boy’s Tennis

Most Outstanding (Peter Alfano)

Best All Around (Jackson Winchester)

Spirit of the Cougar (Zach Tracy)

Most Improved – (Ricky Farrington)

Scholar Athlete (Jackson Winchester)

All Conference (Jackson WInchester, Peter Alfano, Zach Tracy)



Most Outstanding (Logan Zimarino)

Best All Around (Nick Mrak)

Spirit of the Cougar (Hunter Marshall)

Most Improved (Drew Bordeaux)

Scholar Athlete (Nick Mrak)

All Conference (Logan Zimarino) 


Girl’s Track

Most Outstanding (Samantha Layko)

Most Valuable (Savannah Pugh)

Spirit of the Cougar (Hannah Parkhurst)

Most Improved (Rebekah Best)

Scholar Athlete (Rebekah Best)

All Conference (Savannah Pugh – 3200M,

Ruth Alexander, Hannah Parkhurst,

Savannah Pugh, Mary Stegall – 4X800 M,

Samantha Layko – Shot Put,

Samantha Layko - Discus)


Boy’s Track

Most Outstanding (Nick Pugh)

Most Improved (Ethan Bridges)

Best All-Around (Jordan Glynn)

Spirit of the Cougar (Billy Ryan)

Scholar Athlete (Jacob Parrish)



Most Outstanding Player (Jon Ferry)

Best All Around Player (Matthew Butta)

Spirit of the Cougar (Taylor Wright)

Most Improved (Zach Driver)

JV Most Outstanding (Carl Bradshaw)

JV Most Outstanding (Bailey Van Nosdall)

JV Most Improved (Fred Stewart)

JV Scholar Athlete (Collin Morris)

Scholar Athlete (Mason Flythe)

All Conference (Jon Ferry, Matt Butta, Taylor Wright, Hunter Woodside)


Most Improved (Macy Brinson)

Spirit of the Cougar (Rebekah Best)

Scholar Athlete (Rebekah Best)